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Assalamu alaikum & Welcome

Getting married? Want information about Muslim marriage contracts and ways to ensure a stable and loving partnership? Not sure what British law and Islamic law say about Muslim marriage contracts, ‘Islamic marriage’ and nikahs? Want to know what Shariah says about marriage contracts?

Helping someone understand all these questions?

Then this site is for you.

It contains:

  • The model Muslim marriage contract developed for use in Britain and designed to move Muslim marriages towards greater equality and justice within the family;
  • Resources from classical Islamic law that support the provisions of the model Muslim marriage contract;
  • Examples from laws and case law in Muslim countries that support the provisions of the Model Muslim Marriage contract;
  • Support from Islamic scholars, academics, Muslim organisations, Muslim women’s groups, and the public about the model Muslim marriage contract
  • Details about the Civil Ceremony and registration of marriage in Britain and in Muslim countries and communities abroad, and the advantages of registration for the couple.

Site last updated: 3 November 2010