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Support for the model Muslim marriage contract

The Model Muslim marriage contract was developed following extensive consultation. When it was launched in 2008 leading community organisations, politicians, family lawyers, academics, and clerics welcomed the document.

This page contains some of the messages of support we received.

Muslim Women's Network UK

Muslim Institute

Messages of support for the 2008 launch

Dr Usama Hasan, Director, The City Circle:
This new Muslim marriage contract is an excellent development, since it draws on those traditional Islamic legal opinions that are more in keeping with the spirit of gender equality. Too many fathers have abused their right of wilayah (guardianship) over their daughters and too many husbands have abused their right of initiating divorce for us to continue with law rooted in patriarchal societies. It is high time that Muslim women enjoy the same rights and freedoms under Islamic law as they do under present legal systems in the UK.

Dr Ziba Mir-Hoseini, Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, SOAS, University of London:
The idea of marriage as a contract is one of those powerful concepts in Islamic legal tradition that allows two individuals to regulate their most intimate relationship not only within the bounds of the Shari‘a but also in accordance with the demands of time and place. The launch of the new standard marriage contract is a welcome initiative, a right step in the right direction, that provides the Muslims in UK with a model for a harmonious and egalitarian marriage.

Shahid Raza, OBE, Secretary, Imams and Mosques Council (UK):
It is a commendable initiative and likely to enhance the family life of Muslims in Britain.

Ann Cryer, MP:
“This document has been carefully researched over a 4-year period and I feel confident in recommending its findings to women (and men) of the Muslim Faith contemplating Marriage.

The advice contained will, I am sure, help thousands of young people and I congratulate the Muslim Institute for having the foresight to prepare, publish and launch this excellent piece of work.”

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE, Leading family lawyer:
" I am delighted to support this very important and inclusive initiative.

The Muslim Marriage Contract will provide certainty in marital obligations.

Most importantly it will provide civil law protection to many women and children through the obligation on the parties to enter into a binding civil marriage.

All too often spouses have found themselves marginalised and cut off from the legal and financial protection afforded by the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1973."