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10 Trusted Money Making Android Slot Games

Android Slot Games – Finding a trusted money-making android slot online e wallet that actually pays is a little tricky. You definitely understand it if you are someone who actively plays slot games or something. Because often the slot game applications on the Google Playstore don’t give any prizes, let alone use them to make money.

Then, where to look for Android slot games that give real money prizes. After reading the following article, you will know where to look for a trusted android slot game that can make money for you.

Money Making Android Slot Games on Google Playstore

Money Making Android Slot Games on Google Playstore

Google Play Store is one of Google’s services that contains applications, games, books, movies, and various other services for Android. As one of Google’s services, of course Playstore follows the provisions of Google, especially with regard to the laws of the destination country. If you are in the UK (UK), France or Ireland, you can download a money-making slot game application. Because these countries allow gambling as a form of business that operates legally.

There are special licenses issued and must be owned by casinos, including for online casinos that provide online gambling. But not for Malaysia. Malaysia not a country that legalizes gambling as a business trusted online casino malaysia, therefore Google also does not provide online gambling games on the Playstore. nYou can check all slot game applications on the Google Playstore. No one will provide real money online slot games or offer real prizes based on slot games.

Even if someone provides a real prize, it is in the form of a gift card that can be exchanged for credit, vouchers, or money. That’s even with the concept of profit sharing from advertising via sweepstakes or sweepstakes, not via online gambling.

Money Making Android Slot Games

Slot games are basically games that test your luck at every opportunity to play slots. If in one spin, the reel you have shows a certain pattern, then you will get a reward or prize. All android slot games that are currently available on the Google Playstore Indonesia are just a game for sheer pleasure. You will not earn or make money from there.

Because Google itself has issued regulations that prohibit slot games that provide services with real money or real rewards. Of course adjusted to local state regulations. If you want to make money from slot games, the common way is to play online slot gambling. For that you need an android slot game service that is not in the Indonesian Playstore.

List of Trusted Money Making Android Slot Games

List of Trusted Money Making Android Slot Games

Then where to get an android slot game service that can make real money for you? Most Indonesians use services from online casino or online gambling sites that come from 3 countries. Namely the US, UK, and Singapore and malaysia.

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Why these 3 countries? Because the systems and infrastructure of the 3 countries are very adequate for the implementation of online gambling. It is not only a matter of legality in the country, what is more important is the issue of financial system security.

There are still many fraudulent and fake online casinos operating in countries other than these 3.This is related to licenses and certifications carried out by local authorities so that financial transactions on the site are protected.

You certainly don’t want to have paid for a deposit that doesn’t appear or is recorded in the balance, right? I’ve also played and got the jackpot or big win, but it can’t be withdrawn. The following is a list of trusted money-making android slot games that actively provide online gambling services.


1XBet is a trusted online gambling and slot game service provider from Singapore. As the name suggests, its main service is actually betting on various things. For example ball scores, toto scores, and scores in games or other sports. Even so, 1xBet also provides a variety of games that use real money for you to play. There are many categories of games that you can play.

For example baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, 3D slots, bingo, and several other categories. In total there are more than 100 types of games that are interesting and provide an opportunity for you to make real money.
You don’t need to worry about fraud, because this site has been operating for a long time and is trusted in managing it. In fact, this site is already available in multilingual, including Indonesian, so you don’t need to be confused about the procedures or provisions.


MMC996 is a trusted money-making android slot game service provider from Malaysia. This online gambling site has been operating since the 90s and still survives as a reliable one. The main service is a live casino with various types of online gambling games in it. Including the most often played are slot games (slot games).

There are more than 200 types of games provided with more than 30 types of slot games in various themes. So you can be sure you will not get bored playing the games here. Currently, this service only provides online gambling in Malaysian Ringgit currency. So you may need a deposit through a bank that provides money exchange services. What is clear, for the issue of trust level, this android slot game can be trusted and will not disappoint.

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Raging Bull Casino

Raging Bull Casino is a big name with more than 10 years of experience in providing online gambling services.
This online casino malaysia has even been recognized as one of the top rated casinos, most secure casinos, and the giver of massive casino jackpots.

Even without a deposit, you can already get a 50$ bonus free chips. There is also a prize bonus and a deposit of up to 350% which reaches 1000$ or Rp. 14 million which will surely satisfy you. As an experienced player in this field, Raging Bull Casino provides more than 250 types of games. From the types of slots to table games, everything is online and is a real time game so it is less likely to be manipulated.

Another thing that makes it a favorite of many players is its ease of deposit and withdrawal. Coupled with weekly bonuses of up to 50%, Raging Bull is an online gambling service provider that is always busy.
So, if you are looking for a money-making android slot game, you can consider Raging Bull Casino for that.

Golden Lion Casino

Even though it is only 5 years old, Golden Lion Casino is also a big name in the world of online gambling providers from Singapore. The name Golden Lion has even become the name of several android slot applications on the Playstore. But of course, the slot games on Android do not provide gambling services with real money or get real rewards.

To get a money-making android slot game, you have to play it directly from the official website.
Don’t worry because the game and its appearance have been optimized for mobile friendly. So you can still play it comfortably and safely via your Android mobile device.

Golden Lion Casino is very good at reaching out to customers. Even without a deposit, you will be given free chips of 35$ which are free to play for anything. In addition, the deposit bonus is also very large.

Where the bonus reaches 250% for the first deposit and 300% for the second deposit. In addition, there are also weekly and monthly bonuses that can reach 225%. You can use this bonus to play up to more than 275 types of games here.

Planet 7 Casino

Planet 7 Casino is a new player who is quickly gaining popularity and trust from online gamblers.
The secret is in the super large bonuses offered, up to 10,000 Singapore dollars. The first time you enter, you will get a free spin bonus as well as a monthly and daily bonus.

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There is a 100% match bonus for deposits without any conditions and limitations. There is also a special 200% match bonus for certain games like slots and keno. Even if you’re a VIP, match bonuses are up to 300% for slots and keno games. The total bonus is up to 10,000 Singapore dollars for playing the more than 180 types of games available here. With so many bonuses, your chances of turning it into a money-making android slot game are very wide open.

BO Vegas

It took 2 years for BO Vegas to be selected as one of the best online casinos and top rated casinos in 2018.
One reason is the welcome bonus which reaches US $ 50 free chips. As well as a match deposit bonus that reaches US $ 7,500 according to the amount deposited. In addition, there are also coupons for daily, weekly, monthly, or during certain events that you can use.

All of them you can use to play more than 200 fun games. The type of game also supports live casino and mobile casino, so it is guaranteed that players will like it. Which is also the reason he became the best, BO Vegas is very good at providing support. Including for withdrawals.

The casino will not charge any administrative fee to the player for processing the withdrawal. With a myriad of reasons, there is nothing wrong with it being a favorite online casino for online gambling players.

Red Dog Casino

One more money-making android slot game that provides super big bonuses is Red Dog Casino. For the welcome bonus alone, there is a 225% match deposit which can reach up to 12,250 Singapore dollars.
There are also various bonuses with daily, monthly, or special event schemes.

Everything can be checked and claimed through the cashier section in the member area. What makes it superior is not only the bonus, but also the game.

There are 1800 types of games available at Red Dog Casino. From slot games to live dealers dealing with real humans. There is nothing wrong with making it the most favorite online gambling service provider in Singapore. That’s the review of a trusted money-making android slot game and not a scam. Of course all influenced by luck and foresight in choosing and playing the game.